Stripped out and low, the new Goldwing F6B combines the Goldwing’s awesome 1800cc flat-six cylinder torque and a nimble handling chassis creating a unique custom-touring motorcycle.

A reincarnation of the world's greatest touring motorcycle, the Honda Goldwing, the Goldwing F6B is lighter, trimmer and leaner while still offering plenty of storage capacity and performance, along with many of the Goldwing's comfort and luxury features.

  • During its development, the aim for the Goldwing F6B was to produce a nimble-feeling, agile bike that would be comfortable to use on a congested city street but fun on a winding road and of course perform on the open highway. The F6B offers an unbeatable combination of cool credibility and useful practicality.
  • It's the style of the new Goldwing F6B that initially grabs attention; minus the rear top box and with its shorter screen, the long, low touring machine flows fluidly from front to rear.

  • The lightweight, twin-spar aluminum frame provides strength and is aided by the engine's low centre of gravity to create a chassis that boasts great-handling at all speeds.
  • A Dual Combined ABS braking system ensures the Goldwing F6B will ensure rapid and secure stopping power on all road surfaces and conditions.

  • In this brand new release, Honda has built a new breed of Goldwing which will sit alongside the original. Stripped, stylish and smooth, part custom and part cruiser, the Goldwing F6B is a touring bike distilled to its very essence.
  • Unique seats provide support for rider and pillion and the four-speaker sound system guarantees listening pleasure, even at speed.
  • Storage space is provided by the lockable twin rear bags and a cubbyhole in the centre console ensuring the Goldwing F6B is more than capable of taking both rider and pillion on a highway adventure.
  • Through careful design, the minimal fairing and a shorter screen still offers weather protection while larger circular meters, with LCD indicators underneath, provide relevant information in an easy-to-read format.
  • Fuel capacity is 25 litres, including 4.4 litres warning light reserve.
  • Two bold colour schemes flank the minimalist fairing of the all-new Goldwing F6B; Graphite Black and Pearl Shinning Yellow

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