Unique Features

Joining the popular flagship side-by- side range for 2017 is the Pioneer 1000-3 LE which features the new industry first I-4WD system. This intelligent system is a direct result of Honda's automotive-engineering prowess and offers three great benefits: brake traction control, hill-start assist and electronic brake force distribution.

Combined with the Pioneer 1000's Torque Biasing Limited Slip differential, I-4WD can provide as much tractive force as a locking differential but with reduced steer effort and kick back. The result is excellent traction on a wide range of challenging surfaces, a more relaxed driving experience and no need to stop and engage diff-lock.

Additional Features

  • The Pioneer 1000-3 LE has illuminated dash switches for night time use and new cabin-storage compartments and cup holders in all four doors.
  • Fully independent rear suspension and long suspension travel and a memory function that retains the last transmission mode after engaging reverse.
  • Adjustable FOX QS3 shocks provide an even smoother ride and improved handling; with a simple turn of a dial, customers can tune the machine for different terrains or driving styles.
  • LED headlights and aluminium A-arm guards and a skid plate protect the vehicle against rocks and debris.
  • Six-speed automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) and sophisticated Electric Power Steering system (EPS) that reacts to both vehicle speed and steering input, delivering precise driving feedback while also reducing steering effort. This is true even with the front differential locked, as kickback at the steering wheel is reduced in technical terrain.
  • Option for Changing DCT modes on the fly - the driver can override the gear selection at any time when in automatic mode by using the paddle shifters. The selected gear will be maintained for several seconds before the transmission seamlessly reverts to fully automatic shifting.
  • Designed to excel in off-road use, the engine's air intake is located up high and under the hood. The new viscous air-filter element helps increase performance and also provides a longer service interval.
  • Full line of Honda accessories adds weather protection, storage capacity and expanded functionality.
  • Seat Belt Interlock for improved safety which prompts drivers to wear their seatbelt.

$27,727.27 (ex. GST)