Honda is excited to reveal a brand new addition to the crf family. Meet the new CRF110F, a mini bike with massive appeal.

NEW FOR 2013

  • Designed for the younger generation of off-road riders, this new CRF boasts a brand new engine with electric start, a new chassis plus CRF450R motocross styling all rolled into one appealing package that is ready to outperform the competition.

  • With a bore and stroke of 50mm x 55.6 (as opposed to the CRF70F’s 47mm x 41.4mm) the CRF110F’s air-cooled two-valve SOHC engine now displaces 109cc, rather than 72cc.
  • Power and torque figures rise resulting in greatly improved performance everywhere in the rev-range, and much stronger and more consistent drive out of corners.
  • The automatic twin clutch system features two types of independent clutch – one for starting, the other for shifting – that makes changing gears easier and smoother than a conventional system.
  • The transmission now also has four gears, instead of three. The engine start switch is on the right hand side of the handlebar, the engine stop switch is on the left.
  • A 1.2 litre airbox (the CRF70F used a 0.25 litre airbox) provides the much greater airflow that the larger capacity engine requires. The exhaust muffler cover is all new; partly for aesthetic reasons but also for improved protection.
  • For more reliable performance digital ignition now gives the engine optimum ignition timing.

  • To make best use of the CRF110F’s extra power and torque a new chassis was required.
  • The new steel backbone frame and swingarm blends a high balance of rigidity with a certain amount of tuned flex, allowing the rider to fully exploit the engine’s capabilities.
  • The frame also incorporates safety covers at heat points, and carrying handles for easy transport.
  • The suspension has been completely uprated, for better traction and stability. The telescopic front fork diameter is 31mm, 4mm larger than the CRF70F and has 100mm of travel, while the rear shock absorber features a 28mm piston damper, up 7mm, with 100mm travel.
  • Drum brakes front and rear provide ample, and measured braking force. The front wheel size is 14in with a 2.5 x 14 tyre; the rear 12in with 3 x 12 tyre.
  • A completely new body kit, with echoes of the CRF450R’s ‘triangle proportion’ gives the CRF110F a crisp and modern appearance.
  • The newly designed chain cover looks great and with the addition of a handlebar pad aids safety.
  • Wide-set footpegs increase control, and the redesigned kick-starter is easier to use. Seat height is 667mm, 5mm taller than the CRF70F – but the lowest in class – and the wheelbase is 7mm longer at 1,064mm.
  • Fuel capacity is 4.9 litres, and wet weight of the CRF110F is 74kg.

  • Due for Australian release in late 2012, Honda’s CRF110F is a brand new motorcycle, and replaces the popular CRF70F. The following specifications may change without notice.

For full specifications please refer to the manufacturers website:


$3,181.82 (ex. GST)