- Built to the highest standards demanded by Australia's top skiers.

- ML waterski ropes are all made from proven and tested polypropelene fibers in either 60 strand or 80 strand configuration designed to give you the best in performance and durability for all types of skiing under all types of conditions.

- All ML waterski ropes are 75 feet long from the handle to the pylon, with shortening loops at 70',65',60',55' and 50', enabling you to pick the perfect length and position for your wake and your speed specified lengths for each model as required for each skiing activity

- ML Wakeboard handles are all built on a 15" length aluminium core bar that it both strong and versitile, the extra width making for easier handle transitions and passes.

- A variety of handle diameters are available to fit different hand sizes and finishes include all different types of materials including molded EVA, embroided chamois or even golf style grips.

$90.90 (ex. GST)