Offering flexibility like no other motorcycle, the new VFR1200X, aptly known as the crosstourer this motorcycle delivers the fun & excitement of a sportstourer with the comfort of an adventure machine.

The VFR1200X boasts a 1,237cc, V4 engine which has been installed for the first time in a Honda adventure sports touring motorcycle.

The frame of the Crosstourer is a hollow aluminium unit that employs a quartered construction. This technique enables very precise control over the all-important weight/rigidity balance of each part of the frame. The result is superb handling with a reassuring sense of stability, regardless of the road surface.

The Crosstourer is equipped with Combined ABS, offering balanced front and rear braking for more stable deceleration and the extra reassurance of an Antilock Brake System.

  • The VFR name has, over the years, deeply permeated Honda as a high-tech icon featuring leading technology inherited directly from the company's racing machines. The VFR1200X Crosstourer is an Adventure Touring bike powered by the latest VFR V4 engine.
  • Like the VFR1200F, the Crosstourer comes in both manual 6-speed and Dual Clutch Transmission versions.

  • The Crosstourer is a machine designed to give its rider the feeling that anything is possible: no journey is too long or too demanding, no road or surface impassable. Contributing significantly to this joyous feeling is the Honda V4 engine, now within a sports adventure touring package that delivers impressive power and torque in a controllable and responsive way.
  • The V4 configuration is slim and compact, reducing frontal area and helping realise a mass-centralised chassis for excellent handling.

  • If either wheel is about to lock up and skid, Combined ABS momentarily reduces the hydraulic pressure being applied to the relevant brake and distributes the force optimally between both brakes, ensuring powerful and secure braking in all conditions.
  • The VFR1200X Crosstourer is available in Candy Prominence Red

  • The versatility of the Crosstourer can be further enhanced with a range of Honda Genuine Accessories, designed to complement its styling and performance.

For full specifications please refer to the manufacturers website:

$16,999.09 (ex. GST)