Mathews Motocycles and Marine

A family owned business you can trust

Mathews Motorcycles and Marine is a family owned business which has been part of the Dubbo community since 1945. Over the past 64 years it has been passed down three generations of the Mathews family and in this time they have changed direction of the business many times to keep up with the changing generations and their varying interests and hobbies.
Mr Thomas Mathews first purchased the site on the corner of Bourke and Erskine streets in Dubbo as an existing business retailing with groceries and general mixed business, there were also two petrol bowsers. The business was named ‘T.P Mathews and Sons’ and later developed into one of the biggest grocery stores in Dubbo. In 1950 Mr Mathews purchased the premises and redeveloped the site making it into a drive through petrol station and also expanded the mixed business. In 1955 the business section was leased and they operated the service station full time whilst also taking on the agency for caravans. In time caravans became the main part of the business. It got so big that Mr Mathews purchased some land opposite on which to put caravans.
In 1970 ‘Total Oil Company’ purchased the premises where caravans were kept and also the existing petrol station that belonged to the Mathews’s. The Mathews business became known as ‘Mathews Caravans’ and began expanding into things such as portable homes, trailers and horsefloats. Thomas Mathews retired and his son Keith Mathews took over operations of the business. With so much expanding Keith purchased a shed in Fitzroy street where most of the building and repairing was done. Keith’s son Ken Mathews ran this workplace.
In the early 1980’s marine was taken on as part of the business. This was due to family members becoming involved in the sport of waterskiing. About 1985 the business name was changed to ‘Mathews Outdoor Leisure’, with a product range involving caravans, marine and camping. In 1991 the agency for Honda was taken on. 1995 saw Keith Mathews retire and hand down the reins to his son Ken. When Keith left the caravans went with him and the younger generation took over. The business name changed yet again, this time to ‘Mathews Motorcycles and Marine’.
It is now the year 2009 and Ken is still managing the business with his wife Robyn and the business name has remained the same. They are a licensed Honda dealer selling Honda motorcycles, boat motors and small generators. They also supply a large range of motorcycle parts and accessories, waterskis, waterskiing accessories, trailers and trailer parts. In addition to this there is a workshop where qualified mechanics service and repair motorcycles and boat motors.